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H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme

Munich / Erlangen / Nuremberg
Q3-Q4 2020
H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme

Digital health is .


H+ is a cross-industry innovation programme focussing on digital health solutions.

As complementary partners, InsurTech Hub Munich and the dmac – Medical Valley Digital Health Application Center will support you in developing your business as well as getting access to the German healthcare market.

The H+ programme stimulates interdisciplinary collaboration by connecting international startups, corporations, SMEs, investors, universities, research institutes, and governmental as well as non-governmental organisations. It accelerates startups trough a modular curriculum, individually tailored mentoring and networking activities as well as a proven concierge business development methodology.

You will profit from dmac’s expertise and network in the healthcare sector and ITHM’s proven track-record in de-risking startups and enabling POCs within the insurance industry.


These 41 international startups have been selected to participate in the H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme

Benefits for entrepreneurs

Access to the German healthcare and insurance ecosystems
Access to industry knowledge and entrepreneurship frameworks
Access to investors and funding / reimbursement strategies
Validation of business model and support with legal and regulatory issues
Mentoring from experts in medicine, technology, business and insurance
Equity-free and need-based approach
Online and in-person meetups, workshops and conferences
Office space at Werk1, the most startup-friendly place in Munich
Membership in alumni networks of both ITHM dmac / Medical Valley

Facts, Facts, Facts

The programme is equity-free. The only thing we ask of startups taking part in the H+ Programme is: commitment. Our goal is to help you to fulfil your success story.

International companies are more than welcome to join if they have an interest in one of the largest and most established health and insurance markets. Relocation is not required for the programme. However, we can connect you with ‘Invest in Bavaria’ and other relevant players if you are interested in doing so.

We are relatively stage-agnostic but think our programme would be a fit for startups with an MVP, from pre-seed to Series A.

A majority of meetings and workshops can and will be done virtually, but some important events will require personal attendance (if travel is permitted at the time). These events will take place in Munich and Erlangen / Nuremberg.

As we would like to get to know you better a pitch deck will be necessary for your application. However, it’s up to you if you prepare a video or slides.

Depending on corporate interest and applications, we are accepting up to 40 startups for the H+ Programme.


You are the perfect match if …


Your proposition should have applicability to the German health care landscape whether direct or transitive – meaning it could benefit from being immersed in the health care landscape without launching there.


Your company could have been founded at any time as long as you can prove a growth driven ambition – this means you’re expecting to launch a new product or meaningfully change your suite of offerings in the near to medium term.


Your team has to be coachable! On top of this it should demonstrate not just willingness but ability to adapt. Founders should have academic and professional credibility and should work on this venture full-time.


Your company has to at least have a prototype to iterate with. Ideally it has an MVP with users that could turn into paying customers.


Two strong networks by your side.

As a participant in the H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme you will profit from dmac’s expertise and network in the healthcare sector and ITHM’s proven track-record in de-risking startups and enabling POCs within the insurance industry.

The dmac – Medical Valley Digital Health Application Center is an essential part of the Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg, the leading medical technology cluster in Germany that, together with strategic partners in the region, has also been appointed in the federal government’s de:hub initiative as Germany’s Digital Health Hub. The InsurTech Hub Munich has been appointed in the same initiative and is the epicentre of the digital insurance business and a core player in Munich’s vivid startup scene with more than five succesful accelerators under its belt.

The H+ Innovation Programme is a groundbreaking premiere: For the first time in Germany two innovation hubs are joining forces to advance healthcare and improve people’s lives.

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Strong networks

Corporate Partners

International corporations, regional champions and cross-industry partners – it’s the diversity of the H+ Innovation Programme partners network that creates the magic and provides the right counterpart for any startup


Meet the H+ Expert Panel

The H+ Expert Panel was established as a platform for mutual exchange for health insurance and digital health. It consists of specialists from InsurTech Hub Munich’s and dmac/Medical Valley’s partner companies.

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H+ Innovation Programme Expert Panel

Network (Investors, Academia, Media)

Connecting founders to venture capitalists and providing them with the most up-to-date know-how from leading research institutions is one of the key benefits of being part of the H+ Innovation Programme


See who is mentoring the H+ startups

Sharing is caring. And it helps diversify perspectives: More than 65 top-notch cross-industry mentors assist the startups participating in the H+ Digital Health Innovation Programme. And hey, maybe one not-so-far-away day they’ll be able to say they’ve been amongst the first to work with a future unicorn…

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Corine Ackermann
Corine Ackermann

Startup Relations Lead / ITHM

Elisa Bott

Business Acceleration / DMAC

Yvonne Dauer

Public Relations / DMAC

Digital Health Innovation Programme Christian Gnam
Christian Gnam

Managing Director / ITHM

Matthias Raß
Matthias Rass

Project Management Business Acceleration / DMAC

Dr. Reinhard Saller

Senior Partnerships Manager / ITHM

Markus Walter

Director Media & Communications / ITHM

Marco Wendel
Marco Wendel



Find out how to build a business and construct assumptions

Plug knowledge gaps in your assumptions

Validate your key assumptions with experts

Test your key assumptions on real market players

Build rapport with future drivers of your growth

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